Sudbury Hall NT

Sudbury Hall NT

Attic 6 project – Week One

Well, the attic 6 project is up and running, with the first official week of work.

Before we can start doing any re-organisation work, it is important to assess every object within the attic.  This involves making loads of lists (which I will admit I have become very obsessed in making).  We have started organising objects into different categories, so we know what is needed to be done… By doing this it means we can also plan ahead.  These categories are cleaning, photography and indicating if special covers are needed, as well as checking that all the objects are stored in correct attic.

It is Important that we note the individual record number (accession number) of each item, so we can find each object on the collections management system, MODES, which we currently use at Sudbury Hall.  From 2011 we will be using the National Trust’s own cataloguing system CMS, which I will have to get used to!

Many objects are missing photographs or need updated photographs taken.  This, I believe, is the interesting part of the project, as we get to handle all the beautiful objects within the attic, which are all extremely magical and uniquely different. 


 The aim is for each object to have an appropriate sized cover that helps to protect the object, with its individual record number visible and the objects photograph on top. 


 As you’re all aware it is getting very chilly, in fact we have SNOW!  This has slightly hindered the project as the attic stores are just as cold as it is outside.!

Through this cold weather next week, we are still going to begin cleaning objects.  I will also share with you how the National Trust goes about removing mould from the objects.  See you next week and feel free to ask any questions.



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