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Hello Everyone

My name is Becky; I am in my third year of doing a B.A (Hons) History of Art with Museum Studies course. I have been volunteering with the collections department at Sudbury Hall and the National Trust Museum of Childhood since April 2010.

I’m working on a project we have named the “Attic 6 project”, which shows all the skills the National Trust uses in order to protect and preserve its collection, attic 6 is one of many stores within Sudbury Hall used for storing the museum collection. As part of an ongoing collections management project it was decided it was time to give it a good old clean, while re-organising at the same time.

Due to the size of the attic, four hands are definitely better than two, so I will have fellow volunteer Rose helping me.

I look forward to sharing with you how the project progresses each week and sharing the knowledge about what we have learnt. Feel free to ask any questions about what is happening with the project if you want to know anymore!



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