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‘Dear Santa…All I want for Christmas’

Our temporary Christmas exhibition at the National Trust Museum of Childhood, ‘Dear Santa…All I want for Christmas’ opens on the 6th November and we are looking to get our visitors involved in an unusal way.
Engraved 19th century notepaper

19th century engraved notepaper from the museum collection - A schoolboy's dream of Christmas'.

We want to know what people wanted for Christmas.  Have you ever wanted a present for Christmas that you never received?  Or did you get what you wanted and it was the best present ever!

On Saturday 6th November we are going to create a mini film set in the museum so visitors can be filmed talking about their memoreis and even what they want for Christmas this year.  These clips will then be shown in the gallery during weekends in November and December.

This follows on from some filming I went along to last week with James and Helen. 

Lucy with clapper board

Me at Peartree Infant School trying to look professional!

We went to Peartree Infant School in Derby to film kids talking about what they wanted (mostly laptops, DS Lites and football strips) for Christmas this year.

James Reader

James setting up his equipment ready to film the school children.

These films, along with a great little animation featuring action man, can be seen in the gallery from 6th November and following weekends through to 19th December 2010.

Come and tell us what you want for Christmas!


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