Leave Nothing But Footsteps, Take Nothing But Memories

Leave Only Footsteps……………


Have you seen this scene?

Using old images (both words and pictures) of the Peaks, Leave Only Footstseps encourages visitors to think about how they feel about the area today


precarious pastimes 

Wanted posters –  are trying to place prints in their original settings – or  to capture the moment again. Visitors are looking the original inspiration of a print, or they are re-enacting the scene, or they are making the 21st century equivalent…….and finding that across the years we may have lost the milkmaids that appear in some of those early prints but we still have the cattle, and visitors still walk along the dales and wobble on stepping stones, and have picnics and go fishing.

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Add your own images: Wanted posters will be available to download from our blog and facebook pages

Join in on events: our next Hunt for Lost Scenes will be posted on the project blog

What happened next? using images as moments in stories, groups are telling the stories of visitors to the area…did the fish escape? did the angler fall in? did Granny ever get over the stepping stones?

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What happened next? activities will feature on our Hunt for Lost Scenes days and are ideal for school workshops – contact us for information

words and wonders combining period poetry  and prints we are using our words to reflect on change =- changing values, changing views, and sharing wonder  and enduring weather across the centuries

industry - and trains - have come and gone

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the next words and wonders session will be posted on the project blog and we can also do bespoke sessions for groups

electronic Haiku – and we’ve been challenging visitors to embrace Twitter poetically and without using the syllable discipline of Haiku, but with that  same sense of containing image and response in a concise form, offer visitors  140 characters to capture a moment in the Peaks

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email us your own e-Haiku and we’ll send the best ones out on twitter

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