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Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum

Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum Archive 2010

Produce a video or audio slide show.

In early December, our MUBU video/audio slideshow training program came to a close. Over the last ten weeks, attending members were taught how to take their photographs, images, video and music and create something personal that documented their experiences of Woodhall Spa. The resulting videos were then collected and a showcase evening was held on the 15th December, which proved to be a successful and enjoyable evening.

Here are some of the videos produced from the ten week training exercise (not all videos could be uploaded at the request of the authors). Our website has also been updated to reflect the content obtained from this project.

The Dragon from Lincoln by Michaela Moody

Winter in Woodhall by James Ritson

Pickett Hamilton Renovation by Brian Cowlishaw

Pam’s Outing by Pam Cowlishaw

Walk In The Woods by James Ritson

Renovating a World War 2 Stretcher by Brian Cowlishaw

Roy’s Trees by Roy Goodall

Thorpe Camp 40s Weekend by Karen Shanahan

Flight Over Lincolnshire (Autogyro footage) by James Ritson

Check out more videos on our Youtube page.

7  Reasons why you should do this

1. to have fun

2. to do something different

3. to release your creativity

4. to make new friends along the way

5. to learn new skills

6. to secure your place in history

7. because we dare you to!

Woodhall Spa encourages the bizarre, weird and wonderful!

About this Sponsor

Woodhall Spa Cottage Museum is an accredited independent museum in the heart of Lincolnshire. It is run entirely by volunteers and is housed in a rare Boulton and Paul prefabricated corrugated iron bungalow. The fascinating displays tell the story of a unique spa village, its exclusive Edwardian clientele and its 20th century military connections. Information is also provided on older features in the area such as the abbeys at Kirkstead and Stixwould and the Tower-on-the -Moor, a 15th century hunting lodge.