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Jewellery Box (eBay)

This is a Jewellery box which ‘lived’ on eBay.  Although eBay wasn’t strictly a social website, the idea was that there was some sort of social element in the transactions on the site.

The Jewellery box was to sell its contents.  It provided background stories about the two items to be sold.

 One of these items was a mock pearl necklace which got 7 bids and sold for £2.40.  The other item was a chunky bangle which received 35 views, 6 bids and sold for £3.10.

 The story provided for the bangle was: 

Mary received this bangle as a present on her 12th birthday from her mother.  She loved playing in the garden on her own, getting muddy amongst the rose beds and brambles.

The present was a reminder of those times, but also was a signal that it was time for Mary to start growing up.  She wore it, reluctantly at first, with her pretty white dresses on formal occasions, or when there were visitors to the house. 

Later, she took to wearing it as often as she could, even sleeping with it if she could get away with it.  But within two years the bangle had been discarded, thrust into me, her mother’s jewellery box, and forgotten about.

Mary started wearing other jewellery – new necklaces, bracelets, and then had her ears pierced.  But she always remembered the chunky bangle as the first piece of “grown-up” jewellery she was ever given.

This eBay page is now unavailable as the project has ended.


Boots Baby Weigher (Facebook)

This is a Boots Baby Weighing Scales and it ‘lived’ on Facebook for one week.  Rattle published a week’s worth of anonymised baby weights and times from the maternity unit of Queen Mary’s Hospital in Nottingham.

The thinking was that Facebook was popular for sharing this type of information with friends.  Soon after the weights were beginning to be published, other people began to publish their own children’s weights, times and genders.  This continued sometime after the initial week ended!

By the end of this project this page got 43 wall posts in total and 85 fans.

To see this Facebook page, follow the link through the project page.


‘Tea at Englefield Green’ (Flickr),


This object is a watercolour painting by Paul Sandby.  It ‘lived’ on Flickr for around two days.  During this time sections of the painting were revealed and visitors to the site were invited to comment on what they thought was happening in it.  The Flickr page got 498 views and 27 contacts.

The results were interesting and there were lots of different ideas and narratives.  Later the entire painting along with all the stories could be viewed.  Follow the Flickr link through this project page to see what visitors came up with.


Yellow Raleigh Chopper – Nottingham City Museum


To look at this object, the micro-blogging website Twitter was used.  123 tweets were made over a period of 7 days.  During this time it got 52 followers, 45 replies and 20 mentions.

The tweets were written by a copywriter and former MA creative writing student Gregory Povey. You can read his take on the project below.

Gregory used a mixture of pre-written Tweets as well as responses to followers’ comments. From the main Twitter site he used other sites such as Spotify, Youtube and GoogleMap with links to give the story a strong sense of pace.

 The tweets followed the story of the bike given as a gift in the 1970s to its arrival at Nottingham City Museum.  There were a few surprises in the story along the way. You can find out more through the twitter link on this project page!