DEN Project

My Life as an Object

About the project…

‘My Life as an Object’ was a pilot project carried out by Rattle, a research company based in Sheffield.  The aim was to use participatory media (e.g. Twitter, Facebook etc.) to engage audiences around a selection of objects taken from East Midlands museums.  Objects were given voices in order to ‘give them a life’.

Rattle asked;

‘If these objects were alive, which social networking site would they join and why?”

Four objects and social media sites were chosen:

  • ‘Tea at Englefield Green’ (Flickr),
  • Boots Baby Weigher (Facebook)
  • Jewellery Box (eBay)
  • Raleigh Chopper (Twitter)


For further information about each object’s ‘life’ please see the relevant blogs and links.

‘My Life as an Object’ site

Rattle’s website