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Thelma’s project

Thelma created a Museum Of The Mind news letter, her vision for this project is captured in her Editorial……………..

Welcome to this first edition of ‘Pathways matters’. our vision is to give readers a glimpse in to the lives and minds of people who have the problem of dealing with everyday tasks that most people take for granted. A visit to the Pathways or Mind groups demonstrates to the onlooker the deep level of friendships formed by a common need of understanding. Michael sums this up in his poem ‘Buddies’ and future articles will show the importance of having’Buddies’ when trying to overcome health problems……………

Within this newsletter Thelma featured each project, working with each group member to produce a written and visual guide to their projects.



Sheryl has a passion for the past and engaged with Amcott house as it was during the 19th century. Her project centred on the house before it became a museum, producing a documentary style DVD explaining the life of Dorothy Peggler who lived at Amcott house with her father Steven Peggler during the late 18th and early 19th  century.

The Peggler family at Amcott house DVD


Mike’s project

Mike is an experienced poet and painter and for his project he put together a group of paintings; some from his past and a self portrait that he drew during our sessions. He also recorded four poems inspired by his love for art and his experiences of mental health.


Julie’s project

Julie had a multi media approach to creating her exhibition pieces. She focused on the theme of the 1940′s housewife to produce a mobile, clay model, information book and painting.


Steve’s project

As both a volunteer for the project and a participant in the exhibition, Steve built a working  model of a coin press. he did this using Bolsar wood and metallic paint.


Julie’s workhouse project

Julie focused on local workhouse history, Through her research she found first hand experience of the workhouse the the beginning of the century up until the late 70′s. She then produced a series of collages to represent these experiences.


Steve doing what he does best!


Mind Buddies work in progress

A Message from the Curator…………………………………….

In Victorian times history was about, by and for white middle and upper class men. What happened to the poor the foreigner, the women, the child was hardly considered at all. These were the forgotten, the secret histories. Museums were open to the lower classes so that they could be ‘improved’ by seeing the achievements of their betters. Many people had no voice. They simply didn’t matter.

Museums today have changed. We try to tell the stories of all people, men ,women and children from all countries and all economic backgrounds. Museums are greedy places, they want to be visited and loved by everybody.

It is very important that people get a chance to tell their stories or give a new outlook on things that interest them. Museums work  with artists and special interest groups to enable them to produce exhibitions from different points of view.  This is why Bassetlaw Museum is taking part in the Museums of the mind project.

It provides an opportunity for a group to come in, look at the museums collection in depth and then share their opinions and feeling about them in an exhibition of their  own making……………………………………………




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