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Nursing Stories

Mary as a trainee nurse, 1970.

To continue the Illuminate celebrations, the Derby Evening Telegraph will be running a special ‘Nursing issue’ of Bygones, full of real life memories and nursing encounters. We are asking past and current nurses from Derby and Derbyshire to contribute their favourite stories, which will be published in Bygones at the beginning of August. If you or someone you know would like to contribute visit


Five Derby Gems

  1. Derby Local Studies Library is tucked away behind Irongate. Full of the city’s archives and materials from days gone by, you can research the history of your family or even your house! Take a look.
  2. The Community Gallery, Derby Museum and Art Gallery. An ever-changing programme of exhibitions drawn from local projects and people.
  3. Derby Hospitals Arts Programme - air is the arts programme for Derby Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust with a vision is to create a unique patient and family friendly environment at Derby Hospitals.  Aiming to support the healing process with high quality art.  Helping to create a place in which patients, visitors and staff can engage positively.
  4. The Strand Cafe – 16 The Strand, Derby. Fantastic cupcakes, delicious salads and perfect coffee – this cafe is one of our favourites, particularly as it uses local suppliers whenever possible.
  5. Walk from the city centre to Darley Abbey along the river. Start at Quad, over Cathedral Green and down the side of the Silk Mill takes you all the way through to Darley Abbey Mills – a gorgeous and easy stroll.

Five things you need to know about Flo…

1.  Florence was a great statistician, she developed the very first pie chart, also known as a ‘coxcomb’.

2.  In 1837 she believed to have had her first calling from God at the age of 17, despite her faith she was passionate about keeping religion out of the hospital.

3.  Florence had baby owl called Athena that she carried around in her pocket

4.  In 1883 Queen Victoria awarded Florence the British Red Cross.  Victoria wrote to her during the Crimean war to show her support.

5.  In 1856, on her return to England from the Crimea, she came home to Derbyshire in disguise, travelling from London to Whatstandwell station as Miss Smith.

Coxcomb by Florence


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