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YMCA Lincoln bring prehistoric man to life

For the first time since the beginning of December, it’s not snowing but raining. The roads are passable and the museums are warm, which surely means that its time for us to get out there and start filming.

We had our first shoot with a group of young people from YMCA Lincoln at The Collection two days ago. Challenge number one of the day was for our crew to rethink their concept for the film when one of the key young people wasn’t there. With little time to waste we decided to film the prehistoric man’s exploration of the Museum from a his point of view, through his own eyes to show the museum, and the modern world, as he might have seen it.

Rosie, our director had a clear vision of the shots that she wanted to get and I was really impressed by how creative, considerered and professional her approach was. Dan, the cameraman, picked up the camera pretty confidently and we were filming within about 5 minutes of showing him how to turn it on. Despite some initial embarrassment, others also took turns to do some filming, bravely stepping forward to try something new, learning new skills along the way. After a couple of hours I was told by three of the girls to, “go and have a tea break,” and leave them to it! This really shows the confidence of young people when it comes to handling video technology.

Despite being a bit hampered by the rain and the hilly Lincoln, we changed location and took the filming outside, with a couple of brave characters agreeing to do some acting out in the elements for a modern young person/prehistoric man encounter, before quickly returning to the warm. As with every day’s filming it was tiring and we were pressured for time! Cassie, the producer, made some good decisions about prioritising what we needed to do.

We ended the film with a scene involving all of the young people who were there as well as museum staff.  With the support of the front of house staff we even managed to have a bit of fun that we think is going to make for an entertaining end to a contemporary short film with a poignant final thought. A film, stemming from the ideas and creativity of our young film crew, that showcases the museum and its collections.

During the session we had some strong creative ideas for the edits and some interest in being involved with the film as it progresses further into the editing stage. Next week we hope to return to The Collection to pick up a few more shots with our stand-in prehistoric man, Ryan.

In the meantime we’ll look forward to bringing to life the stories from Fenscape with a bit of animation and puppetry and a little fella called tiddymun.


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