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Done – the Trail is ready

Great excitement, the Trail has been completed and is now available from three different sources:

The Empedia website allows you to download to your mobile device and has a free iPhone app –

You Tube has slideshows to illustrate the places on the trail –

EMOHA has a printable map of the trail –

Many thanks to everyone who helped with this, and a particularly big thank you to Stephen Butt for his commentary.


Nearly there…

…but not quite! After trialling the sound files with volunteers we’re nearing the end of the process. You can hear the latest version of the tracks on the EMOHA website at  – - and have a look at some of the slideshows at –

There is still a bit more tweeking to be done but we’re very close to the end and soon the whole thing will be up on the Empedia website to be delivered to a mobile device near you.


Nearly There

Yes, we’re almost at the end of the trail. Stephen Butt of Radio Leicester has kindly contributed a commentary and we’re now in the process of testing each of the tracks and making sure people don’t get lost in Leicester due to poor directions! Once we’re happy with everything the trail will be put on the Empedia website and I’ll create slideshows using old and new photographs so that each of the tracks can also be put on You Tube.



I’ve been receiving feedback from steering group members and, as I suspected, several of the audio clips are either too long or not interesting enough. So much for the first drafts! There’s clearly more work to be done here but it’s a usual part of the process and the result should be shorter, punchier clips.

I did a quick new interview the other day and have added a few minutes from one of the people who worked on the archaeological dig at Highcross. Digging up skeletons from under John Lewis!


First stage almost complete

I’ve now finished the first drafts of the sound clips for the audio tour and overall I’m pretty pleased with them. I have to put them before the steering group for comments next and have decided to use a web page to start this off – my next task.  Among many interesting extracts I found a lovely description of the long gone Theatre Royal, which was on Horsefair Street, and some nice memories of elephants and zebras in the centre of Leicester when the circus came to town.


First steps on the oral history audio trail

The oral history audio trail for Leicester is underway! The first meeting of the steering group was held in May, 14 people attended, and I was delighted with the ideas and input from the group. One of the main questions was about the geographical scope of the trail, the main point of which was the issue of whether the inner ring road presents a barrier to walking which should be taken into account. It was pointed out that there can be a lot to discover in a small area (which could easily be contained by the ring road) but the choice of best sites for the trail would eventually determine the route.

Having had a look at all the suggestions I’ve decided on a trail which is very central. It starts at the Town Hall, moves to the Clocktower and then circles the High Street and Highcross before returning to the Clocktower. I’m now in the process of listening to the relevant recordings in our collections and creating some sound clips for the steering group to listen to. Watch this space for more information about my progress, and also some ideas for walks and trails for the future.


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The East Midlands Oral History Archive (EMOHA) was created to archive and use the oral history collections of Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland. EMOHA is run by Colin Hyde and is based in the Centre for Urban History at the University of Leicester. The collections in the Archive are stored at the Record Office for Leicestershire, Leicester & Rutland (ROLLR).