DEN Project

Welcome to Fashions from the Past

18th Century Mantua

This is a project involving schools, The Collection museum at Lincoln and the innovative Artisan Design Studio. We will use original clothing from the 1700s which the pupils will study, and use as inspiration to create their own fashion articles, and objects based on the period.  We will also examine decorative art from the Usher Gallery collection which we will recreate in our own craft workshops.

Lincolnshire’s museum collection holds many delicate historic textiles which are too fragile to go on general display. The primary aim of this project is to bring them to the public through the magic of the internet.

We will work with pupils from Ash Villa Hospital School at Sleaford.  They will build up a knowledge of 18th century taste in clothing, home decor, and past-times of the age. 

Then the Artisan Design Studio will step in to work with Ash Villa and several other secondary schools who make up the Fashion Academy to create a garment inspired by the 18th century mantua, or court-dress, from our collection, which has recently been restored.

Follow us through the fascinating world of Friendship Books, Woven Tapestries, Patch Boxes, Ceramics, cloth-making and the eventual creation of a gown and shoes from the age of absolute excess.