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East Midlands Food

Colwick cheese…

My MuBu colleague David Amos recently sent me an article on Colwick Cheese from the Selston Parish Community News (Issue 41, p18). The cheese was first made in the early 17th century in the village of Colwick, south of Nottingham, often at home ‘in the shape of a bowl into which fruit, cream or jam could be placed’. It was last made commercially in Carlton, Nottingham around 1970.

‘Ma Bonam’, the author of the article, was reminded of eating the cheese while at an artisan cheese festival where cheesemakers were being encouraged to revive it: ‘This brought home some memories of eating this cheese, not with fruit but with onion and cucumber or watercress. I also remember my Mum making this cheese at home when the milk had gone sour… in the days before we had a fridge’.

If you’d like to try your hand at making it, you can find a recipe for Colwick Cheese in Selston Parish Community News at www.communitynews-selston.co.uk/.


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