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Here’s another interesting and unusual project relating to food in which Leicester City Museums Service is a partner. Plant Cultures is collecting information, images and stories exploring the different uses of plants used in South Aia and their influence on British culture. Some examples include tea, cardamom, garlic, black pepper, mango, turmeric and betelnut. The project website has a section on stories contributed by people who grow, eat or are just interested in plants from South Asia, along with a picture gallery spanning 400 years of images, and a range of activities for schools. You can also find out from the website where different plants can be seen growing in the UK, or find instructions for growing them yourself. The website is at www.plantcultures.org.uk.


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A research project that looked at various aspects of food in the East Midlands, linking them with museum displays and objects in the region, and making the results available to as many people as possible in different formats.