East Midlands Food

East Midlands Food

Sowing new seeds…

There is an interesting three year project in the East Midlands aimed at enabling people to grown ‘exotic’ crops that are not traditionally grown in the UK. These include black-eye beans, chick peas, white maize and dudi, kodu and other gourds. Entitled ‘Sowing New Seeds’, part of the impetus for the project came from the fact that, over the past 40 years:

‘people from all over the world have settled here and grown their own vegetables in gardens and allotments throughout the Midlands. These growers are frequently isolated from traditional gardening networks. As they grow older they are less able to work in their gardens. There is a risk that they, and also the wider gardening community, are losing both the special non-traditional crop seeds and the specialist knowledge of how to grow them’.

The project thus aims to collect and make available seeds of exotic plant varieties, to safeguard them for future generations, to gather and publish information on how people are growing exotic plants, and establish an exotic crops garden at Ryton Gardens near Coventry. It will also hold ‘seed swaps’, demonstrations and community events around the Midlands. There is more information about the project at www.gardenorganic.org.uk.


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A research project that looked at various aspects of food in the East Midlands, linking them with museum displays and objects in the region, and making the results available to as many people as possible in different formats.