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East Midlands Food

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Talking about grain and beer  - as I did briefly in my previous blog - there are a lot of windmills in the East Midlands open to the public, several of them still working and producing stoneground flours for sale. As the Autumn/Winter 2010 newsletter of the Northamptonshire Record Office notes, however, the working conditions of millers and their employees could be both unpleasant and hazardous. It includes this extract from the Northampton Mercury on 10 March 1883 reporting a serious accident:

‘Mr. William Valentine, in the employ of Mr. J.F. Stops, was in the act of placing a strap on a large flywheel, when his clothes became entangles in the machinery, and he was taken round with the spindle several times and eventually thrown with great violence to the floor. A man named Cockerill, of Whittlebury, was in the mill at the time, but could not stop the machinery. Valentine was picked up in an unconscious state, and it was found that his face and left side were cut very much’.

There are several leaflets available – like the one illustrated here – with information about windmills in the East Midlands and further afield. Grain is also an  essential ingredient of beer, so if you happen to be in Newark at some point why not pick up a copy of the Newark Malting and Brewing Trail leaflet and take a look at some of the sites associated with this important part of the local economy. The trail covers 2.2 km and takes around an hour and 15 minutes at an easy pace. You can also download the trail from http://www.newarkcivictrust.org.uk/downloads/MaltingBrewingTrail.pdf.


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