East Midlands Food

East Midlands Food

Bananas and art…

After so many other eccentric examples, it will come as no surprise that there is a museum devoted to bananas – not in the East Midlands but in Auburn, Washington in the USA. This features around 4,000 items, along with a very distracting dancing banana on its website home page at http://www.bananamuseum.com/.

Ayscoughee Hall Museum & Gardens

You can take a virtual tour of the museum from here, but I wanted to mention bananas in a different connection. Geest Line Limited (formerly Geest Bananas Limited) which employs a large number of people in Spalding, has sponsored an art gallery at Ayscoughee Hall Museum in the town. The gallery can be hired free of charge by local artists, and exhibitions change every month. The museum, with five acres of gardens, also features displays on Fenland life, and an audio guide is available – so it’s well worth a visit for all these reasons. Download an information leaflet at www.tourismleafletsonline.com/pdfs/Ayscoughfee-Hall-Leaflet.pdf, and visit the website at www.sholland.gov.uk/leisure/ayscoughfee/ for news of exhibitions and events.


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