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Flat Pack Neovenator…

Things are really changing over at New Walk Museum, with the Dinosaur Gallery being prepped for the launch of the new gallery in September.  As part of this, certain dinosaur specimens which have been spotted all over the museum are now being brought back to their new homes in the gallery.  So how was the Neovenator moved from upstairs to the gallery?  See our picture below and our Flickr site to find out.  You can see the Neovenator along with the other specimens in the new Dinosaur Gallery in September.

More pics here!


Pass the Popcorn!

Last week the red carpet was rolled out for the launch of the films completed as part of the project with school children from Leicester.

The screening at Phoenix Square in Leicester was packed out with the film’s stars and their families.

By the smiles in our photos, it’s clear that the films were a great success!


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