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Museum of Life

If you missed it the first time around BBC Two’s brilliant ‘Museum of Life’ is being repeated on Tuesdays 2.35 am.  Its also available on BBC iPlayer if you’re more of a ‘Sleep-a-saurus’ than an ‘Insomni-a-don!’

Courtesy of bbc.co.uk


The episodes follow Jimmy Doherty and the team at a variety of locations to uncover the work that  goes on at that the Natural History Museum.


One of the segments is about Archaeopteryx which is thought to be the link in evolution between dinosaurs and birds.  It is 150-145 million years old, one of the oldest and most primitive bird known.  Watch how it is covered in liquid rubber by conservators!


Archaeopteryx is one of the Natural History Museum’s Species of the day.



If that doesn’t suit then episode one gives you all you need to know about the wonderful world of  ’Worm Charming’.   It’s going to be this summer’s biggest sport.


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Leicester Arts & Museums Service manages six museums sites including New Walk Museum & Art Gallery. New Walk Museum & Art Gallery is situated within the historic New Walk area and the original museum in the city opening to the public in 1849. The museum has been the inspiration for many people including Lord Attenborough and Sir David Attenborough, who pursued their love of art and natural history as a result of spending their formative years as regular visitors to the galleries. New Walk Museum hosts wide-ranging collections spanning the natural and cultural world. A family friendly day-out, displays include Egyptians, Wild Space, World Arts, Fine Art collections and the Dinosaur & Geology galleries due to re-open in 2011.