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How do you make a Caveman Costume?

Filming started today! The team spent their morning creating Caveman Costumes and the afternoon filming their first scenes…

The photographs are hilarious! Check out our Flickr Gallery at

Here are just a few from the day…


Roll the Camera…

We are less than three weeks into the My Take project, and the team have been introduced to the filmmaker, with whom they will be working for the next few months.

Their challenge is to create a film and exhibition, which portrays their own interpretation of Creswell Crags and the wider landscape. They chose to accept it!

With that in mind the young people have spent the week exploring the wider heritage landscape of North Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire and South Yorkshire and searching for their Ice Age ancestors.


Having been inspired by all that the Ice Age landscape has to offer, the team have decided to create their film and exhibition around the theme ‘A Day in the Life of a Caveperson’.

Filming starts today!

Roll the Camera…


Is anyone hungry?

"Is this how Rick Stein does it?"

Workshop 5 got underway today with our group of young people taking part in an in-depth cookery lesson… the Ice Age way!
On the menu today were a selection of locally sourced fruit and seeds, bread pancakes made from a flour and water dough, and fish cooked on an open fire.
Here is our guide to Ice Age fish cooking…
You will need:
Fresh fish (preferably caught with a bone harpoon from the stream)
A selection of large seasonal leaves (we used comfrey from the gorge)
Some nettle stalks (watch for stings!)
A smouldering wood fire

1. Take the fish a wrap them in the large leaves to protect them from the flames. Tie the fish together with nettle stalks to secure them.
2. Place the fish in the smouldering embers of the fire and cover with any left over leaves (the more the merrier) to keep the heat in.
3. Cook for 15-20minutes depending on the size of the fish.
4. Remove the fish parcels and remove all the leaves. Check that all of the fish is cooked through and enjoy!
More photos of the cookery can be found on our Flickr page by following the link on the right…


And… Action!

After much anticipation Creswell Crags has launched My Take, a project funded by Renaissance East Midlands’ Open Spaces and MuBu streams working with Groundwork Creswell and a group of young people not in education or employment.

Workshops 1 and 2

The first two workshops took place at Creswell Crags, where the group were introduced to the staff and site for the first time.
Activities included an introduction to Ice Age Survival Skills like shelterbuilding, spearthrowing and fire making, and an exploration of Creswell Crags’ largest cave, Robin Hood Cave.

More images of today’s workshops can be found on our Flickr page by following the link on the right hand side of this page.

Workshops continue this Friday…