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Who is helping us?

We are excited to have engaged local historian, Peter Hammond and film-maker, Jes Hill for this project.  Currently Peter is researching the Nottingham industries and looking for willing participants who want to tell us their stories of working within those environments.  Once the sessions with groups have been set up for October and November, Jes will film the work with objects and the participants.

So if you work/worked at Raleigh, Boots or in the lace industry – or know anyone else who did – and would like to get involved, please contact us at


Planning and research

To date I have been doing some research and having planning meetings with colleagues at Nottingham Museums, in particular the Keeper of Social and Community History.  This is in order to find out the extent of our collections that relate to lace, Raleigh and Boots the Chemist, and what exciting objects we have that will inspire conversation and remininiscence from our participants who worked in those industries.  I was surprised to hear that there is only one lace factory remaining in Nottingham – and to think that only a century ago around a third of Nottingham’s entire population worked in the lace trade – 100 years ago, a couple of generations, not very long to have almost completely disappeared.  But that’s why we’re doing this MuBu project – in order to capture people’s stories before they disappear.

I also met recently with tutors from the School of Art & Design at Nottingham Trent University about a possible partnership project about oral histories and embedding them within very exciting virtual reality trails around the city.  This is a very early discussion, but the digital design work they are doing would lend itself very well to enhancing the interpretation of museum collections.  I look forward to further discussions with them about this.


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