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More Filming For The Alice Hawkins Video

Sunday 31st October was the second day of filming for the Alice Hawkins video. There were familar faces from the previous week and also new volunteers to lend a hand.

We started off filming a scene within Leicester City Centre and then visited an old shoe factory in Wigston and 2 different locations in Northampton.

The day went really well with some really creative shots as seen in the below pictures.

Alice Hawkins Filming 7

Alice Hawkins Filming 8

Alice Hawkins Filming 9

Alice Hawkins Filming 10

Alice Hawkins Filming 11

Alice Hawkins Filming 12


Filming For The Alice Hawkins Video

Last Sunday 24th October we began filming the first scenes for the Alice Hawkins video. The volunteers had previously had 3 training workshops in digital media and it was time to put those new skills to the test.

The day was split up into four seperate filming workshops, each at different locations. We had an 11 strong person crew. A great turnout indeed!

Each volunteers had the chance to participate in all of the different tasks required, such as cameraman, sound person, holding the light reflector, taking photos, working the dolly track etc. We even had a team with a second camera filming a “behind the scenes” documentary!

The locations we filmed at were:

  • Town Hall Square
  • Alice’s Home
  • Outside The Equity Shoes Factory
  • Alice’s Final Home 

Along with Peter Barratt presenting the video, we were joined by a lady called Dorothy who dressed up in an old suffragette costume and played Alice in several scenes. The weather was bright and sunny throughout the day and the filming was a real success.

After the filming, a few volunteers joined us for an editing workshop where we demonstrated how to take the footage from the camcorder tapes and the basic skills of editing the recordings.

4 filming workshops and 1 editing workshop resulted in an extremely productive day.

Alice Hawkins Filming 1

Alice Hawkins Filming 2

Alice Hawkins Filming 3

Alice Hawkins Filming 5

Alice Hawkins Filming 4

Alice Hawkins Filming 6


Interesting News Article

Recently there was an article in the Leicester Mercury highlighting the fact that many of Leicester’s well-known factories have now disappeared without a trace.

Read the article in the below link:

One of the films that will be going into the exhibition is a look at the old factories of Leicester where it will look at what the factories used to look like and what they are nowadays.


A Few Facts About Alice Hawkins

Here is a few interesting facts about Alice you might not know:

  • In 1876 her family moved to Leicester to find work in the shoe trade.
  • In 1886 Alice joined the Equity Shoes of Leicester as a shoe machinist
  • Alice joined a suffragette meeting in Hyde Park on the day of the state opening of Parliament. Arrested on the same day for disorderly conduct at the gates of the House of Commons and given 14 days in Holloway with 28 other women.
  • Alice imprisoned for 14 days in 1909 for trying to force an entry into the meeting hall.
  • The Leicester City Council fixed a blue plaque on the wall of the Equity shoe factory in memory of Alice.

Alice Hawkins

Alice HawkinsOne of the films for the new museum exhibition will be about the legacy of Alice Hawkins and her association with footwear industry of Leicester.

The story of Alice is a tremendous story of one woman’s fight for the most basic of human rights, the right to vote.

Born in 1863, Alice lived most of her life in Leicester.  A mother of six and shoe machinist by trade, Alice was determined to have an equal say in the democracy of the day and was imprisoned five times in all in her struggle.

There is a great website dedicated to her life which has essential information and content about Alice that will be included in the film we are creating for the exhibition.

The website is:


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