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Filming Pat Keeling – A life In Modelling

Last Sunday was the filming workshop for the Pat Keeling film – titled A Life In Modelling.

It was a completely different session to what we have been used to as it as all based at Pat’s Modelling Agency office in Leicester.

We had 2 volunteers helping us with the setting up, filming and photography for the day and the session went really well. Whereas with the Alice Hawkins project being based at numerous locations, this was a more intimate session just in one room.

It will be interesting to see the difference in styles of the 2 films once they are both completed.

Pat was a natural in front of the camera, very calm and answering all the questions that Kitty the volunteer asked her in a precise and warm manner.

Next step in the process is the editing of the film followed by colouring, sound and final output.

Check out the photos below from the session:

Pat Keeling Filming 1

Pat Keeling Filming 2

Pat Keeling Filming 3

Pat Keeling Filming 4

Pat Keeling Filming 5


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