Alice Hawkins And The Footwear Industry

Alice Hawkins And The Footwear Industry

Digital Media Workshop – 10.9.10

We ran a workshop today to a group of people at The Centre in the City Centre which was hugely successful and had a great deal of audience participation. We trained them in basic camera techniques, an overview of how the video camera works and finished the session with some fun filming people in front of the green screen. This footage will then be edited by Gareth and I to create some fun clips to give back to the Centre.

Also we went over the details of the MuBu project and what the 3 films will be about. The group will be visiting the Newarke Houses Museum in the next few weeks to have a look at the gallery where the new exhibition will be and to meet Philip French.

We are training another group on Monday and hope this will be as successful as todays workshop.

Workshop Photo 1

Workshop Photo 2

Workshop Photo 4
Workshop Photo 3


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